How It Works Bespoke Coaching

Would You Like To Have Your Own Personal Coach? Solely Dedicated To Helping You Transform Your Life?

Bespoke Coaching With Vanquish Therapies

The Bespoke Coaching Programme Is A Marvelous Yet Personalised Service Created To Help You Lead A Meaningful & Rewarded Life.

We will use a custom-made programme tailored specifically to your needs which integrates modified techniques that focus on taking a concentrated look into your journey. The results will be life-changing not only allowing you to reconstruct your life, accordingly supporting your growth to transform your way of being, and improving your relationships and professionalism for the better.

How It Works

You will have the option of a one or two-week programme which will be discussed during your consultation. The consultation will allow you to ask questions so you understand the process and choose the programme best for you.

What To Expect

If you choose a one-week programme – your Coach will visit you on day 1 and 2; accompanying you on your current journey (in a non-intrusive way) gaining appreciation and understanding for your family, professional life and social experiences whilst learning to comprehend the real difficulties you are facing.

Together we will survey behaviours, thinking styles and emotional processes that disrupts, blocks & hinders your growth, energy and equilibrium.

Your Coach will prescribe a personalised programme with you talking through and explaining how these changes will serve you and enhance your life, your coach may look at internal and environmental factors that may be disturbing your growth.

On day 3 and 4 we will implement these changes with the support of your Coach, who will be walking with you through these changes, assisting you to feel comfortable in this new way of becoming.

On day 5 you will learn to carry out these changes independently with your Coach at hand to support you through these achievements.

On day 6 you and your Coach will review your progress and confidence at which time you will either feel ready to continue your journey independently with your Coach’s remote support or make the decision to extend your journey to the 2-week programme which will solidify the new processes.

On day 7 your Coach will go over behaviours, out-dated thinking styles, constructs and emotional processes you have begun Vanquishing, your Coach will continue to check-in having support sessions as part of the after-care to make sure these changes remain.

Our Two-Week Programme

Our two-week programme is structured in a similar way over a longer period to ensure new constructs form and crystalize for a more profound understanding.

What Are The Costs

Depending on the program you choose, we can create an individual financial plan that best suits you.

Our Commitment To You

Vanquish Therapies Bespoke Life Coaching programme uses a Person Centred and Holistic Approach meaning our coaching will be tailored to your individual needs, bringing you a renewed way of being.

Vanquish Therapies acknowledges we’re all different individuals, with individual belief systems, religious and spiritual beliefs, hence we will continuously work respectfully within the confines of your principles.