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Free Consultation At Vanquish Therapies With Ish Jawando Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Person Centred Counsellor Life Coach

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As a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Person-Centred Counsellor, and Life Coach – I use these tools to take a holistic view and customise the Coaching and Counselling to your requirements, partnering with individual needs; in a creative and thought provoking process that inspires you to maximise your professional and personal potential, by either focusing on aspects of your life or taking a holistic and eclectic approach that treats the whole person.

The first step to Coaching and Counselling is understanding where you are right now; so, no matter what your obstacles, I may be able to help once I gain a true understanding. Together we will look at your preferences, needs, abilities, and individual strengths before coming up with a personalised set of realistic and practical goals and a plan to help you construct a satisfying, meaningful and full life, helping to empower you to achieve your highest goals. Let’s see if we are the right fit, if it feels right that’s the beginning to the success you want.

Some of the areas I work with to Initiate Change & Create Autonomy

Areas I Work With

What Led Me To Begin My Journey as a Counsellor & Life Coach

A little insight into my life:
Growing up, I faced significant challenges that left me feeling psychologically unstable and unsafe. Moving around and being placed in foster care only added to my difficulties, and I found myself in survival mode. As a result, my traumatic childhood experiences continued to impact my early adult life, leaving me feeling broken and struggling to function in society.

Thankfully, with the support of my daughter and a few true friends, along with therapeutic counselling and trusting my intuition (despite initial doubts), I was able to incorporate various healing techniques into my daily life. Though it was a difficult journey, I began to build my self-worth and confidence, learn to trust myself and others, and shift my perspective on the world as not being my enemy.

From a hospital bed, encouraged by my daughter and two friends, I started to initiate the inner changes that allowed me to create the autonomy necessary to pursue my studies in Therapy and Counselling. Specialising initially in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centred Counselling, and Life Coaching. I now use my experience to help others Vanquish their own challenging obstacles to find balance in their lives.

My ultimate goal is to continue making a positive impact in the world, using my understanding of the effects of trauma to help others find their own equilibrium. While we can’t control external factors that impact our lives, we can change our mindset and learn to respond to these challenges in a more positive and productive way.

Your Consultation

I offer a Free 20 minutes consultation for those who are genuinely ready to start therapy. We can discuss the obstacles you are facing (there is no pressure to share anything you’re uncomfortable with). We’ll look at potential ways forward, assist you in understanding how Vanquish Therapies works, and answer any questions you may have.

I pride myself on assisting clients on their path to healing and want to ensure the process is as easy as possible. I understand and value the importance of clients and the need for session slots, therefore – if there is a ‘no show’ and the consultation is rebooked; reluctantly this means a payment will be required to secure another consultation.