Employee Communication and Resolution coach

Employee Communication and Resolution coach

Communication and resolution coaching is a term that could have various interpretations and meanings. When people think of a coach, what comes to mind is that of a person in sweats crafting young athletes into winners. Employee resolution and communication coaching that we do at Vanquish Therapies is not much different though it is less forceful and demanding.

Our coaching takes a different approach as we establish the key to success as collaborative communication. The coach does not act or direct in an authoritarian manner but collaborates with employees to identify, make targets and strategize on performance improvement. Workplace communication can be a difficult skill to master since it is more communicative and collaborative, while managers are used to directing rather than developing employees. The coach thus acts as a facilitator to help employees improve by asking tough questions, probing and challenging employees to achieve self-realisation. The communication is thus targeted at making the employee take charge of their own development, with the coach gently nudging them in the right direction.

Employee communication and resolution coaching at Vanquish Therapies take a holistic view: we ensure synergy between career development, personal needs, corporate values, and work. The coaching typically focuses on employee improvement measured against job expectations and/or key performance indicators, though we also go as far as employee growth and career development. We use manager feedback, past experiences, third parties, and performance data we have coaching conversations on the needs of the employees. However, this does not mean that performance and business targets are not taken into account. Communication resolution coaching places more value in building up the employees to achieve more which will, in turn, benefit the business.

What Makes Our Communication and Resolution Coaches the Best?

  1. Trustworthy – we have coaches skilled in developing trust relationships with employees. Employees need to know that what was shared with a coach will be kept discreet even as they get help from the coach.
  2. Good Listening Skills – Good communicators are often the best listeners. Our coaches are skilled in person centered and cognitive behavioural coaching and hence know how to communicate with employees from all backgrounds. They understand employee thought processes and will guide conversations to find out the root causes that are hindering them from achieving and becoming the best they could be.
  3. Promote Accountability – Right from the start, it is communicated to the employees the importance of accountability. Our coaches guide the employees to self-identify opportunities, craft a development plan while knowing full well that their progress will be monitored. This helps drive impetus for change.
  4. Delivers Actionable and Behavioral feedback – Our communication and resolution strategies involve instigating change through feedback. The coaches communicate the specific times when the employee did not or did exhibit certain skills, which provide an important and actionable point of reference.
  5. Probing – We ask the right questions that help employees come up with areas where they need to improve. Our communication and resolution strategies are aimed at leading conversations toward the employee realizing the changes they need to make, and ultimately owning the strategies and action plans made.
  6.  Empathetic – We have an understanding approach to communicating with employees and resolving issues. We emphasize and employ a high level of emotional intelligence with employees to breed trust, which makes them better able to communicate their issues and get help.

The Leader as Coach

At Vanquish Therapies we provide leadership coaching so that managers can empower their employees to recognize and cultivate their abilities, and hold them individually responsible for attaining their objectives.

We teach you how to coach your employees to be better communicators. We also teach you how to draw out any issues the employees may have that is holding them back so that over time they can improve their performance against targets they set for themselves.

We provide workshop training where you get to learn skills such as:

  1. Communicating with employees
  2. Emphasizing both team and individual achievements
  3. Motivating and engaging employees
  4. Removing traditional boundaries and barriers to collaboration
  5. Creative problem solving
  6. Encouraging productive work settings
  7. Recognising employees for their individual inputs

Our workshops are provided in different types of formats and we customise them so that they fit the specific requirements of your organisation.  Combining our CBT, Person-Centred and life coaching skills, we have the tools to help your employees take on problems facing them in a new economy.