Families & Couples: Counselling and Coaching

Communication and Resolution Counselling and Coaching for your unique structure

Whether you are an alternative family, traditional/nontraditional family or you have no family, it’s not the name that counts, it’s the people in your life. At Vanquish Therapies we help you comprehend and even take advantage of challenges so that the people in your life understand you, and you them. Our strategies will help you deal with challenges thrown at you and your structure.

Our Counselling and Coaching is intended to help you

  1. Build stronger relationships
  2. Gain skills to give you confidence
  3. Learn to develop nurturing and positive habits for your structure and support systems
  4. Acquire positive communication practices for positive results
  5. Transitions into new families/structures
  6. Creating balance within your situation
  7. Create positive rituals within your structure

Typical Clients

Most of our clients are usually adoptive parents, new parents, merging families, families in crisis, young people entering a new family structure, unrelated families. Some of the common issues include teen pregnancies, marriage challenges, poor communication, school dropout prevention, parenting issues for different stages, and stress and anger management among others.

Communication Coaching

Every structure has problems no matter how perfect they may seem on the surface. At Vanquish Therapies we have coaches trained in family communication and resolution. We believe that most problems in your structure can be resolved with communication that is devoid of:

  1. Provocation
  2. Insults
  3. Minimisation
  4. Evasion

Every successful and functioning structure has improved their communication, while nonfunctional structures often fail because of  poor communication skills, lacking in empathy. understanding and active listening skills. Our ‘family’ communication and resolution coaching will assist in the tools needed to become self aware and each member taking responsibility for individual behaviours.

We provide ‘family’ communication and resolution coaching that fosters more favourable environments. Our strategies include coaching on:

  1. Honesty and Openness – Structures that practice honesty and kindness when communicating with other members have less distress. Moreover, children and almost everyone responds better to a calm tone of voice, and kind words.
  2. Fun – it is critical for your structure to enjoy some fun with each other. It does not have to be something elaborate, it  can improve the flow of communication and reduce tension especially when people are doing things together.
  3. Setting Priorities – Set age-appropriate tasks for every member of your structure and ensure that everybody completes their assigned tasks. Prevent arguments by writing the chores down on a chart well before they are supposed to be completed.
  4. Respecting Privacy Boundaries – Kids and adults both need their privacy and it is important for every member of your structure to understand this and make it a priority.
  5. Meetings – A functional structure meets every week to discuss progress, issues and changes. Find a convenient time when everyone can attend, preferably at the same time and day of the week. Every member of the structure should get the chance to speak their mind offer suggestions, present complaints, bounce ideas off each other and make future plans.
  6. Making Accommodation for Free Time – Everyone needs time to do things with their friends or on their own, you will have a structure that is more open to communication, fulfilled and more satisfied.
  7. Making Memories – Spend special events and holidays together to strengthen the bond and build traditions. This can also extend to just doing things that you enjoy together such as board games where communication and laughter are encouraged.
  8. Learning to Negotiate – There is nothing more important than compromise and the skills to negotiate and settle conflict. Win-win solutions always serve your structure.
  9. How to Be loving – to show you are loving means actively listening and being attentive to the others needs without judgement, consistency and encouragement even when you are not feeling particularly great or had a hard day (this is showing you care).

At Vanquish Therapies we teach your structure how to communicate and resolve conflict. We believe a happy structure is a supportive place where people can look forward to the future. A well-adjusted structure that is devoid of conflict is a comfortable place that welcomes a feeling of safety,  It is a place where everyone can find sanctuary from all the stresses of the world as they enjoy the warmth and safety of their new structure. With these communication and resolution strategies, your unique structure can be a stress-free environment by assisting you to face problems safely and constructively helping you achieve your highest goals.