Personal Counselling and Coaching

Life skills and Development Counselling and Coaching

The life skills and development Counselling and Coaching at Vanquish Therapies is aimed at helping individuals to strive for and achieve their personal and professional goals. We have qualifications in Person-Centered Therapies, which gives us the experience and skill to help you in all manner of things. The life skills and development coach will assess your preferences, needs, abilities, and individual strengths before coming up with a personalised set of realistic and practical goals and a plan to help you construct a satisfying, meaningful and full life. Our life skills coaching helps empower you to achieve your highest goals by guiding you in the right direction with a personalised plan.

Vanquish Therapies Counselling and Life Coaching and Development Skills Services Include:

(But remember the below are examples, we work with your goals)

  1. Career Development and Planning
  2.  Supportive accountability calls
  3. Educational Planning
  4. Coordination of healthcare providers and community resources
  5. Transitional planning that may include changes in lifestyle and/or health
  6. Skills training for Problem Solving, Planning, and Organising
  7. Budgeting and Finances
  8. Life Balance and Stress Management
  9. Training in organisation skills that may include skills to address hoarding and decluttering
  10. Time Management and Motivation

Our services at Vanquish Therapies are based on individual needs and hence we focus on personal life goals and objectives. Our coaching in setting goals, achieving them, and maintaining those successes can be applied to almost any aspect of your life. Once you have received the skills you will experience a healthy shift and growth in their value development beliefs and personal attitudes.

Where possible, our life skills and development coach will coordinate their efforts with your health care team to provide integrated coaching and care services.

The Life Skills Development Coach

Professionally trained in Person-Centered Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and life coaching. These skills make it possible to provide  integrate life coaching for persons looking for professional and personal coaching, from how to organise and structure your day for your success whatever the goal to keeping a job, understanding yourself better, or finding what you want out of life, using highly motivational skills, building and empowering methodologies to help clients achieve their dreams and visions.

What to Expect from the Life Skills Coach?

Our life skills and development coach will be your guide in helping you discover your goals and get rid of any obstacles and get on the right path to success. They listen to you to glean important information about what your ambitions and highest goals in life are. They might provide direction or if necessary, a set of steps that you have to follow to achieve your objectives. They will also provide support during the coaching process, and offer encouragement or any other help that you may require.

However, it is important to note that while we provide therapy to clients, coaching is not therapy. Life skills and development coaching is intended to help clients shape and change their future. For persons dealing with personal issues from their past that is holding them back, we provide integrated coaching services that include cognitive behavioural coaching, and life coaching. However, you will have to start with CBT and Person-Centered coaching first and only progress to life coaching once you are on the right path to achieving the life you want.