Complaints Policy

If any Individual is dissatisfied with any part of Vanquish Therapies services or would like to make a complaint;
Vanquish Therapies would like to know about the complaint as soon as possible for the complaint to be resolved quickly and efficiently.


  • To enable a complaint to be investigated in a fair manner.
  • To enable complaints to be resolved as quick as possible.
  • To allow consequences of mistakes to be put right without unnecessary conflict.
  • To improve the quality of the service.

Who Can Complain?

  • Anyone using the services of Vanquish Therapies.
  • Anyone who has used Vanquish Therapies within the past three years.
  • Anyone who has enquired about Vanquish Therapies services or is on the waiting list.
  • Anyone from another organisation who has enquired about Vanquish Therapies services, or who is working with, or representing someone who is using, or has used our services.

Anonymous complaints, and any that are deemed to be upsetting or malicious, will be investigated by Vanquish Therapies, who will use discretion in assessing what action should be taken.

Time Limits for Complaints
Complaints can be made and accepted up to three years from the time of the problem arising. If the complaint refers to specific client work the maximum is three years from the date the client ended counselling or coaching with Vanquish Therapies. Submitting a complaint that is over three years old may be possible if adequate reasons for the delay are provided. However, it is much easier to sort out difficulties if the complaint is brought to our attention as quickly as possible.

How To Make a Complaint
If you are receiving counselling or coaching, please try to talk your concerns over with your counsellor or coach, if you can.

If you are on a course, workshop, or participating in any group activity please try to talk your concerns over with the tutor/facilitator/trainer if you can.

If the above is not possible a formal complaint should be made in the first instance, please contact our Support Coordinator via email on to access the complaints form.

 Scope of Complaints
Complaints made under this Procedure will cover paid and unpaid staff, counsellors, coaches, trainees on placement, and others acting for or on behalf of Vanquish Therapies.

Complaints must be supported by adequate evidence to allow for an investigation, the complaints department will then make an initial assessment if there is a case to answer. 

Confidentiality and Communications
All complaints will be treated with care and confidentiality. Vanquish Therapies will communicate clearly and directly with all complainants or their representatives in a timely manner.

The complainant is required to give permission for confidential information relevant to the complaint to be disclosed to all parties cited in the complaint by those involved in handling the complaint.

Safety of Individuals
If a complaint relates to the conduct of any individual, the Individual’s safety will always be a primary consideration. Suspension of activities and/or disciplinary proceedings may take place at any stage of the complaints process, if appropriate.

Stage 1 – Informal Complaint

Every opportunity will be taken at the time of the initial complaint to settle the concern informally. This may include telephone conversations, face to face meetings, or written explanation of the reasons for a decision taken. If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of discussions at this stage, then a formal complaint can be made.

Stage 2 – Formal Complaint

A formal complaint will be acknowledged via email by the complaints department within seven days. A copy of the Complaints Procedure will be enclosed. If a Counsellor, Coach, Trainee Counsellor on placement, or any person acting on behalf of Vanquish Therapies is the subject of the complaint, they will be sent a copy of the complaint along with the Complaints Procedure.

Investigation of The Complaint
A person with relevant experience will be appointed to investigate the formal complaint.

The investigator(s) will make a thorough and confidential investigation of the complaint, contacting both the complainant and the person complained against.

The investigator(s) will have access to relevant information and policies within Vanquish Therapies. They may ask for evidence from either party. All parties will have the right to be accompanied, but not be represented, by a supportive person of their choice. Either parties will not be asked to attend any meetings together.

The investigator(s) will make a written response to the complainant by email within twenty-eight days, a copy of which will be stored with Vanquish Therapies. If it is not possible to respond within 28 days, the complainant will be informed of any reasons for a delay. All investigations will be responded to and resolved within six months under Vanquish Therapies management.

The investigator(s) will make recommendations regarding the action required to bring about the resolution of the complaint and any sanctions which they may consider appropriate to apply to either party. In such circumstances, they will also provide instructions for the monitoring of the fulfilment of said actions or sanctions. Examples of possible sanctions would include:

  • A formal apology to the complainant.
  • A requirement to undertake further relevant training.
  • Suspension of the person concerned from their role at Vanquish Therapies.
  • Cancellation of using the service.

Vanquish Therapies may halt the procedure at any stage if it emerges that legal action is under way, pending or intended, until such time as any legal process is complete. We may also adjourn the procedure, ensuring that it is re-started at the point at which it was stopped, within a reasonable time.

Stage 3 – Appeal

The Grounds for an Appeal:

Any party may appeal against the findings of the investigator(s) on the following grounds:

  • the complaints procedure had not been followed.
  • there was new evidence which the investigator(s) did not have access to in the investigation.

An appeal cannot be accepted only on the grounds that either party disagrees with the investigators’ report.

Making an Appeal
Any appeal must be made in writing to Vanquish Therapies within fourteen days of the receipt of the investigators’ report. The reasons for the appeal must be clearly set out in writing. The appellant will be informed in writing within twenty-eight days whether the appeal is accepted.

Monitoring of Complaints
A record will be kept of all complaints received. Anonymous complaints will also be recorded, including the reasons for any decision to pursue or not to pursue the complaint. Complaints will be monitored regularly and once a complaint has been concluded it will be submitted within one month. Records of complaints will be kept for a period of six years. A complaint will be discontinued if the complainant fails or refuses to participate at any stage of the complaint procedure without good reason or the complainant formally withdraws the complaint. In these circumstances, both parties will be informed.


Policy review date: This policy will be reviewed annually.