Mental Health Within The Private Security Industry

Mental Health Within The Private Security Industry


A research conducted by the University of Portsmouth highlights the problem of Mental Health struggles within the Private Security Industry in the UK.  As per the research, thousands of Security Guards were struggling from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to experiencing verbal & physical abuse on the job.

750 workers were interviewed and almost 40% of them showed symptoms of PTSD. Which exhibited the lack of support and resources in place by security companies for their employees.

For Security Guards and Door Supervisors a vital part of their job is to be on the front line, which means being in direct contact with the public. This can often times cause conflict, leading them to be verbally abused or at the risk of being physically assaulted and in extreme cases they risk losing their lives too.

Whether it’s Security Guards, Door Supervisors, CCTV Operators, or Close Protection officers, the nature of the job can take a major toll on their Mental Health and Well-Being.

How To Support Employees With Their Mental Health – Low Cost Counselling

For employers – It’s important to remember organisations function better when employees are healthy, motivated and supported. It’s also important to create trust between your employees and management by encouraging them to communicate about their struggles with Mental Health.

Mental Health is a spectrum we’re all on and it can be affected by a range of factors both inside and outside of work.  Too often employees are afraid to inform their employers about their Mental Health problems which in return causes their problems to worsen.

Few Examples On How To Start A Conversation With An Employee About Their Mental Health:
  • Choose an appropriate location – Somewhere private where the employee can feel safe and comfortable to discuss the state of their mental health.
  • Encourage communication – Talking about mental health can be difficult for a lot of people, it’s important to create a safe work environment where such conversations are normalized. Start off by asking simple, non-judgmental questions and always be kind and gentle in your approach, allow them to express their thoughts and feelings in their own words about how their mental health is affecting their work and what kind of support they require. Please don’t force anyone to open up, give them space.
  • Listen to understand – Don’t make assumptions about the employee’s situation. Understand the support they require as everyone’s experience with mental health can vary – focus on the individual and adapt your support to suit the individual.
  • Ensure confidentiality – Employees should be able to trust and confide in their employers. They need to be assured of confidentiality. It’s sensitive information, discuss with the employee individually as to what information should be shared and with whom for the support they require.
  • Emphasize care and availability – As an employer assure your employees that you care and are always available to talk to them about their mental health because not every one will be ready to have a conversation about it right away.
  • Encourage professional support – Encourage the employees to seek professional help by speaking to their GP about what kind of support is available to them from the NHS.
    Further resources & support can be found too via organisations such as Samaritans, Mind etc.

Additional Support

Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health Within The Private Security Industry - Mental Halth Awareness When working as a Security Operative mental health can become a major factor in your day-to-day activities. Staff or customers may feel angry, frustrated, or even sad due to life’s unavoidable circumstances.

These emotions can have an impact on how you respond to customers and how the customers react to you. Security Guards & Door Supervisors will interact with many people on any given day, so it is important to be aware of the customer’s mental states where possible.

We’ve created a one day workshop for Mental Health Awareness that would be beneficial for any SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed individual working in the industry, especially for Security Guards and Door Supervisors that are on the front line every day.

The workshop will help increase your understanding of observations when working with members of the public.
We enhance staff knowledge and reduce misconceptions, showing you some of the tools to potentially make life-saving decisions.

For further details on the workshop please  click here

We’re Here For You

Vanquish Therapies understands the struggle of Mental Health within the Security Industry and the impact it can have on Security Operatives – Therefore, we’d like to offer our professional services with a discount of 20% for individuals working within the Security Industry to ensure you receive the help and support you require.

Alternatively, we also offer a Low Cost Counselling and Therapy option for those seeking more affordable services. To learn more about our Low Cost Counselling Service, please click the button below.