Navigating the Healthcare Crisis: The Mental Health Of Our NHS Staff

Mental Health Problems of NHS Staff

Navigating the Healthcare Crisis:
The Mental Health Of Our NHS Staff

As They Support Us – Who Supports Them?

Our NHS stands as a pillar of healthcare in the UK, with doctors and nurses at its forefront, tirelessly working to safeguard our well-being. However, behind their scrubs and stethoscopes lies a profound and often overlooked issue – the mental health problems of our NHS Staff.

A recent survey conducted by the Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS)  reveals alarming statistics, shedding light on the stark reality that mental health challenges amongst our healthcare professionals are not only persistent but have intensified. As per the MPS survey, 46% of healthcare professionals believe their mental health is worse now than during the height of the pandemic.

A Perpetual Battle: The Daily Grind of NHS Doctors

In another  survey  shared online by the charity Duty To Care – out of 265 Junior Doctors that responded, 91% revealed that since joining the NHS their mental health had been impacted negatively.

“I’m burned out”, “I simply cannot do this anymore”, “I feel suicidal” – these statements are just a few taken from our healthcare professionals who feel they can no longer sustain a profession they once loved. With a shortage of doctors and an increase in demanding work schedules, long hours, and high patient loads – the surge in stress, anxiety, and grappling helplessness; who do our healthcare professionals turn to when they can no longer sustain their own well-being?

The culture within our healthcare settings often places an emphasis on self-sacrifice and prioritising patient care above all else, inadvertently undermining the importance of self-care. This perpetuates a negative cycle where our healthcare professionals neglect their own well-being, leading to a decline in their mental health. If left unaddressed, can further decrease the quality of care provided to us. Overburdened and emotionally exhausted our healthcare professionals are more prone to errors, misjudgements, and burnout, which can compromise patient safety and well-being.

Steps Toward Change – How We Support You

As our healthcare professionals continue to feel overwhelmed and overworked, they feel a sense of loss and hopelessness. It’s imperative to recognise that our healthcare professionals are not invincible to mental health struggles – they too deserve the same support and care they provide to us.

To make systemic change for our healthcare professionals, we must be the change – which is why, Vanquish Therapies is proud to extend a supportive hand to our healthcare heroes, offering our counselling and coaching support services. Our empathetic Counsellors and Coaches work collaboratively with our healthcare professionals to navigate the intricate complexities of their roles, empowering them to find harmony between their professional and personal lives.

Recognising the importance of accessibility, we are committed to making our services available to healthcare professionals seeking support. We firmly believe that every healthcare staff member should have access to the assistance they need to maintain their own mental health and well-being.


The mental health problems of our healthcare professionals are a pressing issue that demands societal attention and action. By supporting the well-being of those who dedicate their lives to caring for us, we can create a more resilient medical workforce and, in turn, enhance the quality of our healthcare.