Skills to Help You Cope With and Manage Life Changes

Skills to Help You Cope With and Manage Life Changes


Life changes happen to all of us. Some of the changes will be small and unnoticeable while some will be huge. Any change, regardless of the magnitude, can cause you great anxiety as you battle with the uncertainty that the change presents.

Keep reading and we will tell you the skills you need to cope with and manage any life changes that you may be experiencing.


Your resilience will help you to face life changes and see them as a lesson and not a setback. When you are resilient, you will be more willing to adjust and advance to whatever changes that may happen in your life. Your resilience will also give you the drive to face obstacles that may arise on your path as you make adjustments to fit with your life changes.


To cope with and manage life changes demands that you be a risk-taker. You should be willing to try out new ways of doing things to find out what works best for you under your new circumstances. When you try out new ways, you may be surprised to find that your fear of trying out has denied you better opportunities than what you are used to.

Networking skills

It is often said that your network is your net worth.  The caliber of people you surround yourself with will determine who will be available to walk with you through the life changes that you will face. They may also determine the resources that you may access to help you cope and manage your changes. These resources may be in terms of ideas, finances, or social support.

Planning skills

Having a plan for your life gives you a road map for your actions and decisions. Your pan will also guide you to allocate your resources well so that you can achieve your goals in life. An effective plan will have contingency measures that you can fall back on in case of changes along the way. A plan is therefore a good tool as it can help you to predict changes and make contingency plans to cope and manage them.

Stress management skills

Change causes anxiety and stress that will manifest in your mind and body with symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, forgetfulness, tension, and insomnia. If you ignore these symptoms, they may degenerate and cause you serious health complications.

Acknowledge that stress and its symptoms are the mechanisms your body will use to draw your attention to yourself so that you can deal with it before it gets worse. Learn to manage your stress so that it does not stand on your way to finding solutions to your life changes.


Life will not always play out as expected. You will face numerous changes along the way, some of which may demand great adjustments in your life. Be determined not to quit, no matter the changes that you will face. Persisting will help you to perfect your skills, which may come in handy when faced with a need to cope with and manage changes in the future.

Negotiation skills

As you make adjustments due to the changes that you will face, you may need to negotiate with the other people who are involved in the changes. For instance, in case of a divorce, you will need to negotiate about the children and property.  If the change is happening in your business of job, you may have to negotiate new terms of engagement, or new terms of lending from your bank. Negotiate in a way that you get the best out of the situation.


Life changes may cause you a blow and cause you to momentarily lose your balance in life. As you try to cope and manage the changes, you may come along with people who will try to apportion blame and make you feel responsible for what is happening. Remain confident so that you do not sink into self-pity and disillusionment.