Caring For Your Mental Health During The Holidays

Caring For Your Mental Health
During The Holidays


Navigating the holiday season, with all its cheer and festivities, can be a journey filled with both joy and challenges. Acknowledging that this time of year might pose difficulties for many individuals is the first step in promoting a warm and supportive atmosphere. Whether it’s the shorter winter days, a sense of loneliness, the loss of a loved one, financial strain, or the stress of family gatherings, it’s crucial to recognise the potential impact on mental health and well-being.

Therefore, it is important to look after yourself and your mental health during this festive period.

Few Tips To Help Improve Your Mental Health During The Holidays:

Connect With Others
Family gatherings can quite often get overwhelming, however, it’s important not to isolate yourself as it can worsen your mental health. Surround yourself with positive people you are close to and trust, such as your coworkers, friends, or family.

We understand that not every one has a support network, in this case try volunteering, or connecting with your local community groups and organisations. This creates opportunities for you to share your experiences with others, allows you to offer and receive support, and can help improve your self-esteem and sense of belonging too. If physical gatherings are challenging, explore virtual volunteering opportunities. Many organisations offer ways to contribute remotely, allowing you to connect with others and make a positive impact from the comfort of your home.

Mindful Moments
Take a few moments throughout the day to practice mindfulness. Whether it is savouring the taste of your favourite holiday treat, or simply enjoying the warmth of a cozy blanket, being present in the moment can help reduce stress.

Digital Detox
In today’s hyper-connected world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by constant notifications and messages. Consider taking a break from your devices, even if just for a few hours, to focus on personal connections and the present moment.

Staying physically active can help you feel relaxed and boost your mood. You do not have to spend hours in the gym if you are new to exercising, try simple workouts at home or even a 30 minute walk can be beneficial. However, ease into it.

Learn Something New
Take this opportunity to try and learn something new, a skill or hobby, even if it’s reading a new book.

Find something that you genuinely enjoy and incorporate it into your routine.

Maintain healthy boundaries and learn to say “no” when needed, especially if partaking in festive activities leaves you feeling stressed and drained.

If you find it difficult to be assertive and set boundaries, Vanquish Therapies can help you to identify the obstacles you’re facing and will assist you in vanquishing them.

Take A Break
If you are feeling overwhelmed by a stressful situation, try to take a break. Go for a short walk, listen to music, spend time with your pet etc. Anything positive that can help calm you, it’s important to spend time with yourself as well to do the things you enjoy.

Cultivate Gratitude
Take a moment to reflect upon your surroundings and be thankful for the little things. Including expressing gratitude for the significant people in your life. Consider writing thoughtful notes or messages to them, showing genuine appreciation for their unwavering presence and support.

Self-Care is a gift to yourself. Ensure you get plenty of rest – try maintaining a proper sleep routine as it can significantly improve your overall health. Where possible, aim to eat healthy meals, avoid overindulging, and steer clear of excessive drinking and smoking, which can be quite common during the festive period.

Do something nice for anyone, even if it’s a stranger or lend an ear and really listen to someone, whatever you can manage and are able to do.  A small act of kindness goes a long way and this can help create positive feelings and improve your relationship/connection with others.

Reflect and Reset
Take some time for self-reflection. Consider what brings you joy and fulfillment, and set intentions for the upcoming year. This process can help you enter the new year with a sense of purpose and optimism.

Invest In Your Well–Being
If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you can no longer cope or you just need a little help, use this time to take the first step into investing in your mental health and well-being. Reach out to us; Vanquish Therapies is here to support you and guide you every step of the way. Explore our Low-cost Counselling Service and Counselling/Coaching Service. Your journey to Healing, Growth, and Autonomy starts with the first step, and we are here to accompany you.

By incorporating these tips and fostering positive thinking, you can create a holiday season that is not only less stressful but also filled with warmth, connection, and personal growth.