“A Young Adult’s Course” To Vanquish The Inner Silence Caused By Abuse

“A Young Adult’s Course” To Vanquish The Inner Silence Caused By Abuse

Vanquish Therapies has a created a Course to help provide young adults with a safe, non-judgmental and encouraging environment to discuss experiences and working together on solutions to the encountered obstacles faced, whilst also learning and practicing new techniques to use.
We will use the trauma inflicted by violence and abuse to construct a new change in your life & direct you on the path to healing.

Domestic violence or abuse refers to any incidents including but not limited to, coercive, violent, threatening behaviour, sexual violence and emotional abuse taking place in a household.

Domestic violence is usually carried out by a partner, ex-partner, a family member or carer/guardian.

Children witnessing and being exposed to hostile environments are also victims. For Children being exposed to these environments and damaging events can further lead to developmental issues, especially with their mental and emotional well-being which can be carried into early adulthood.

The deep-rooted impact of witnessing violence and abuse as a child can include but not exhaustive to;
PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance & alcohol abuse, low self-esteem and confidence, difficulties being assertive, maintaining or forming relationships and creating healthy boundaries.

Young Adult Workshop "A Young Adult's Course" To Vanquish The Inner Silence Caused By Abuse