“A Man’s Course” To Vanquish The Inner Silence Caused By Abuse

“A Man’s Course” To Vanquish The Inner Silence Caused By Abuse

Vanquish Therapies has a created a Course to help provide men with a safe, non-judgemental and encouraging environment to discuss their experiences and to work together on solutions to the encountered obstacles faced, whilst also learning and practicing new techniques to use.
We will use the trauma inflicted by abuse to construct a new change in your life & direct you on the path to healing.

Violence and Abuse against men is far too common than many realise. Abuse can take many forms including domestic violence, physical, psychological and emotional, sexual, financial, coercive behaviour, and online harassment.

The impact of abuse can have a deep-rooted effect on victims, including but not exhaustive to;
PTSD, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and confidence, difficulties in being assertive and creating healthy boundaries.

Most men are often reluctant to speak about or report the abuse they’ve suffered due to embarrassment, fear of their abusive partner or perpetrator, not being believed or the fear of being stigmatised and discriminated against.

Societal expectations and traditional gender roles can play a significant role in to why men fear being stigmatised and discriminated against and are less likely to seek help and support for their struggles.

Therefore, it’s important to understand that anyone can be a victim of abuse regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation and religion.

Violence and Abuse against men