Are You An Effective Leader?

Are You An Effective Leader?

The modern workplace environment has changed and with it the leadership roles. What used to be so effective is no longer applicable hence the need for leaders to keep evolving. In a rapidly changing environment, a business cannot expect to survive using outdated leadership techniques. With the workplace now filled with millennials, business innovation, and technology, effective leadership has never been more important to the success of a business.

How We Teach Leadership at Vanquish Therapies

Leadership has evolved from the days when the manager was on top of the pyramid, making all decisions that affected the entire business. An effective manager now has to engage with people from all departments and areas of the business looking for areas that can be improved or made into something different. An effective leader takes the organization as a feedback mechanism that provides feedback on what needs to be chosen, changed and instituted for the greater good not only of the company but also of all stakeholders in the business.

Leadership is more about communication and resolution rather than an extension of corporate authority. In fact, we believe that leadership by authority discourages ownership and involvement of employees in projects, which often results in resistance. Leadership is thus more about the qualities you bring to the table such as sensitivity, confidence, commitment, sincerity, compassion, passion, humility, positivity, integrity and honesty, which draw people to a leader. Once people are drawn towards you it becomes easier to direct their efforts toward achieving the goals and vision of the organization.

The Shift from Management to Leadership

At Vanquish Therapies we teach that every leader needs to transition from management to leadership in order to be effective. Management is often about processes while leadership has everything to do with behavior. For instance, to be an effective manager requires that you employ your technical, analytical and intellectual capacities. Conversely, to be an effective leader you need to develop a connection with employers and colleagues on a human level. This will require a change in behaviors, and attitudes.

Effective managers usually work from the perspective of supporting corporate initiatives aimed at achieving organizational or department goals. In doing this they have to direct people to put effort into the achievement of goals and in turn, get the favor of the higher-ups in the organization. This typically results in a feeling that the employees are there to serve the manager. On the other hand, effective leaders will recognize that they are there to serve the needs of the people in the organization or department. They will thus assist, motivate and inspire employees to accomplish goals rather than pressure, demand or direct them to do so.

Effective managers often acquire specialized skills and knowledge relevant to helping and managing people to get results. Conversely, an effective leader either has the instinctual understanding or has been trained to understand human nature. At Vanquish Therapies we train leaders to analyze and respond to human behavior in a constructive and supportive manner, which typically results in a more cohesive and effective leadership dynamic.

Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Vanquish Therapies provides employee communication and resolution coaching to help you develop the following skills:

1. Identification of Problems – An effective leader is always alert and will identify problems as soon as they occur. They will always be in a constant state of ferreting out problems and finding solutions through collaboration with staff and customers.

2. Receptiveness to Change – You need to be flexible and embrace change. They will constantly improve products, ideas, and processes. We teach you how to be driven to embrace change so that you can change direction and be in a constant state of motion as you adapt to changing circumstances.

3. Taking Action – You always need to be in a constant state of actualizing different possibilities, concepts, and ideas to bring something into fruition. Effective leaders are always asking that needs my attention today, what can I add, what can I do to improve the reality I am facing.

4. Making Difficult Choices – An effective leader has to make hard choices and stand by them. We teach you to carve a different path. This will inspire confidence in your leadership, particularly when it works for the best of the department or the organization.

5. Vision – Effective leadership needs to have a vision that you are working towards. A good leader needs to have a good idea of where he is leading the department to and a strategy of how to get there. You need to be able to picture the successful future and paint it in vivid colors for the team, such that they are inspired to follow you on the journey towards achievement.

6. Strong Delegation and Empowerment Skills – The most effective leaders know how to delegate and empower their teams to assist in the achievement of goals. It is only when you can effectively delegate work to your employees that you can empower them to become better at their jobs. You need to empower other people and shine the spotlight on them, which goes a long way towards improving outcomes.


Highly effective leadership is possible if you strive to develop the communication and resolution skills above. You never have to develop or practice them all at once as we believe that as a leader one is shaped and groomed progressively. Just like Nelson Mandela asserted, effective leadership comes from putting others in front. An effective leader only comes to the front when there is danger or crisis, so that they can protect and inspire their troops. When all is said and done, acquiring these habits should go a long way towards ensuring that you become a more effective leader in the modern business environment.